My Wish vs My Plan

Get !t Done

The plan for Draco Pro is simple. Keep taking on projects that matter and growing those projects I remain involved with. For now, it is about steady growth forward while having the flexibility to be with my family

The vision remains the same

Through the development of quality services and people, Draco Pro is an asset to the community. Working to connect and develop relationships with our clients and strategic partners that create profitable businesses and happy people.

A few projects at a time I will continue to build skills and my portfolio. I work for growth and success through continued effort. Its a simple wish and a simple plan that allows me to lead the life I once wished for every day. This allows me to be present for my children and my family now when they need me most. Through my work, I encourage others to have this balance. Taking time for yourself leads to better work.

Balance is the key to the plan.