Yamaha Onboard Specialist

Get !t Done

Just like the boats Steven works on, this project was fast. We were contacted with the concerns that his google and overall reach had dropped off alarmingly. He had left a marketing group, and they had effectively undone some of the work that was working for his business. 

First, we updated Google, ensuring Yamaha Onboard Specialest is listed when consumers do common searches related to provided services. This provides some immediate relief and assurance. 

Second, we updated google facts and developed a great business description. Effective communication took no time.

Last, having lost many reviews, it was essential to rebuild, building tools to help ask for and encourage reviews and practices that would provide regular maintenance for the profile. The written checklist empowers business owners to take control of and build a strong profile.

This project was so fast because of the limited scope and effective communication. Steven knew exactly the results he was looking for and provided expertise in his industry.