Get !t Done

Working on the Witch~Lits Has been a lot of fun, made to support the growing population of Pagan parents wanting to both share aspects of their faith and leave the path open for their child to find their own way. These eclectic magazine-style books are crated to bring forward common spiritual concepts on a child’s way to self-discovery. There are science and literacy lessons as well as spiritual and growth mindset. Making this for Pagan families has allowed me to support the community in new ways.

Skills learned from this project

  • Formatting
  • Subscription Model Management
  • Copy (creation, editing, and layout)
  • KDP Publication
  • Project Management
  • Procurement

A Special Note

This project was started before the collapse of Hesperides Garden with the intent to serve the same community, in full knowledge of all participating individuals. At the end of that project in the settlement of debts, many assets of the nonprofit were transferred to Draco Pro Inc through legal action. Including but not limited to With~Lits. In most publications, I became the publishing author as other contributors do not wish to be named. Pagan Parenting is the channel from which I will distribute most of these goods. It is my wish to continue to serve this community through the distribution of these products that were created with them in mind.