Wahkuna Knows Real Estate

Get !t Done

Finding or selling the perfect house or investment requires trust and knowledge. Each market has unique nuances, history, and trends. Wahkuna works in the luxury real estate market with a barrage firm that she loves and supports their agents in building their brand. Having been in the industry for many years, it was time for a thoughtful update. Her new brand needed to reflect more on her team’s experience and role. Complete with the brand and consumer profiles to guide future marking efforts provided Wahkuna with a framework to continue to build her brand while staying true to the values and vision when working with third parties.  

This very useful tool pays dividends in time saved and consistency! 

Top-of-mind marketing is often the name of the game for real estate. Creating reusable templates to expedite regularly sent items helps wahkuna stay in touch with her community and use the resources provided to her by her barrage firm, alleviating some of the marketing costs she must cover for her business.

Building a social media strategy and print marketing to target an area or do drop-offs.  This is something that can be a lot of fun. Some of these are to cultivate a familiarity with a geographic area, and others are relationships with past clients! Each effort has a unique goal contributing to the overall metric for the planned goals. It is essential that every dollar is maximized in marketing and that every effort builds the brand. These efforts must stand out in a noisy world. Be memorable and spoken about. Referral marketing is one of the best ways to get qualified leads in real estate.