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Get !t Done

A return to Wix. Having spent that last few years developing WordPress skills this return to Wix allowed me to exercises skills that I had been neglecting. Weather wix or wordpress developing a web page for a client always a give and take. I like to give lots of options and then refine based on presences. It is my priority that the client feels comfortable can confident taking it over a webpage that is productive and working for them. Setting it up quickly and then helping the business owner take over and maintain the page on their own allows them to get to the part that matters to them. This could include how to blog or update or written out instructions depending on the needs of the client.

This web page also had access to a custom Database of Images that was fun to look through and use to maximize the custom look of their page. Happy to use the page for leads it needs little updating but is built in such a way it would be easy to grow in the future.