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Get !t Done

Wow was this an exciting project!

I always love it when project that comes together fast and exceeds expectations.

Marti Thew, a licensed dealer of the Nerdy Gurdy in North America, wanted a webpage to sell her products and provide support for her customers but also a place where the very active and loyal Gurdy Community could come together. Don’t know what a Nerdy Gurdy is – neither did I.

Always happy to learn and wow what beautiful music is being heard around the world from this re-engineered instrument.

Marti knew what she wanted to accomplish with the added benefit of ensuring that she would be able to keep it up on her own once the setup is complete. I think webpages are more intimidating for the solopreneur than difficult. Once getting started Marti found that she enjoyed regularly updating the page, and could easily and quickly take over.

Her pages have been performing well for her, even creating a waitlist for ordered instruments. Marti is reassured that her page is adaptable and can easily be updated, shared and funnel sales at a rate and speed she feels comfortable with.

Little Bits Of Interesting

Thank you Marti

for this wonderful review!

“Draco Pro recently built my website and I could not be happier. I could see that my project was being handled personally and professionally and the response time was WAY above what I expected. I’m pretty sure that she spent two solid days concentrating solely on my project and then, once we had the bones in place, the rest was complete very quickly. It’s my desire to maintain the website myself and I’ve received more than enough support and information from Draco Pro to accomplish that and I know that support is just a click away if I need it. I would highly recommend Draco Pro for any of your small business marketing needs. “