A Baby {Birth} Plan

Get !t Done

This project was made with my second pregnancy. Unlike the first where I was making a tone of decisions, the second pregnancy created a new problem. I had to prepare my then two (almost three) year old daughter. The decisions I had made for myself had to be little more than dusted off. Preparing you’re firstborn for the second. Like with most things in life I approached this problem by doing a mountain of research. I learned that using clear communication was key. I learned that kids in Thea’s age group were the most common to have siblings and that age group needs consistent and clear communication to best endure change. This is the one tool I could not find but I knew would be helpful.

I made this for my daughter and then had a baby. It was shelved for many years but then we were quarantined in April 2020. Having saved money for the art and the economy needing support I contacted a local artist. It all came together beautifully in the face of all that uncertainty, he worked diligently to produce this beautiful book almost overnight.

This project has roots in chaos and love, this part of the story brings me a lot of joy.

Skills learned from this project

  • KDP Publishing
  • Commissioning Artists
  • Web Development
  • Book Promotion
  • Award Application Process (current)