Casie Garrett

Get !t Done

The concept that 1+1= anything but two is fascinating to me. It has been since I was very young. Creating value is what you do and what I do, you plus your effort or me plus my effort is what moves the world. Solo or small business or non-profit the equation is the same. You plus something creates value for those that you serve, your target audience. I specialize in helping you find the right equation to reach your target audience.

“Creative Gun,” by Mark Fitz.

Core Competencies

  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Modeling
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Customer Managment Systems
  • Marketing Material Development
  • KDP Publications
  • Process Improvement
  • Customer Service & Retention
  • Presentation Coaching
  • Bureaucratic Endurance
  • Work & Family Balance
  • Working with Kids in the house

Garret Family 2019

Professional History

Draco Pro Inc.

My dream from the time I was in college is to work on diverse and interesting projects enabling myself and others to bring the best we have to offer to the people that need it most. This is the adventure of a lifetime. I have had to balance this with spiritual and family aspects to keep balance in my life.

Hesperides Garden – 2020

A spiritual nonprofit I have been a part of since its conception. dedicated to providing resources to the undeserved Pagan community. We have published many books through KDP and provide online content for our grassroots following.

ERG Grant & Rebate Specialist – 2011

I helped the clients of ERG obtain rebates from city and state entities and ran the in-house rebate program. That provided data the company used in marketing efforts to prove the value of the energy-efficient building materials they offered.

Living Arts Massage and Bodywork School (LAMBS) Operations Director -2010

The dream of a friend, I had the pleasure of helping this project get off the ground. we worked closely with the state of Colorado to become certified as a trade school. This was a lot of work within the bureaucratic system of state Government.

My Community

Toastmasters International

I have been a member of toastmasters for a few years now and have grown much from the experience. Fantastic for networking and with the new pathways individualized learning platform I recommend this organization to anyone looking for business development.

Garden Club By the Sea

I count myself fortunate to find myself among such a wonderful group of people. We learn a lot from presenters and each other about the local horticulture and gardening in general. I have been a member of the board since I joined, advising on web development, community outreach, and learning skills wherever needed.

Girl Scouts

My daughter and I joined Girl Scouts and it is so much fun I can’t even begin to tell you. Beyond selling cookies (which teaches so many skills) we have been able to experience new things and support our community in new ways.


The Metropolitan State University of Denver, 2011 Bachelors of Science in Marketing with a Minor in Economics

Competent Communicator, Toastmasters International 2020

Currently working on my Masters in Motherhood