A chance to relax.

Get !t Done

I love good drive. The energy that passion can bring a project to action is beautiful and can not be replicated.

But… and this is a big BUT

Passion unbridled can be as dangerous as a fire unmanned and at least as destructive.

This is why the plan and goals, KIPs and Metrics

But this is also for the time to rest. Space to shape your life in to something you actually want to live.

When we rest our minds the engage in other unrelated activities the impact on the project is just as palpable as the passion that drove the project in the first place. Call it work-life balance if you wish. but isn’t it more than that. When I think of work I think of all the things I do to make my work happen and when I think of the life I think of girl scouts and doctors’ appointments. How those relate to each other is unique to you. They’re being weighted on the scale of you, and last I checked scales only work well when properly maintained. The wife category and the work category don’t really cover it.

In consideration of work-life balance, I try to consider work with a plan, many systems, and a lot of passion, Life with a strategy, hummor, and lots of love. But for the scale, You, me, I think regular maintenance, seeking out new things and the things that feed the spirit. That space gets its own category because it has the power to shape and color everything. The eureka moment often happens when we look away from the problem. The relaxed brain operates on a different level. Literally measurable brain wives and movements are directly different when readdressing a problem after rest. Test and study results show that the rested brian approaches challenges differently and will often apply more proposed solutions then the unrested life.

How to maintain the scale is unique to you but here is a fee of the tines that help me.

A spiritual practice. Faith or religion or whatever you call it. This aspect of my life is so important. It grounds me and gives me strength. there is always peace to be found here and so much more.

I make things. We are a family of tinkerers and hereafters – we make things. From table to clothing, epoxies, and wood burning. We love to make things in any way the inspiration drives us. it is my great joy to hear my kids say things like “hey that’s cool – I bet I could build it.” Or “do you think we could make this?”… presents me with a drawing that I thought was plantstand and tuned out to be a doll bed. very

Fun mini-events with mu kids – these are usually educational events that are tailored to the kid’s internist. Most of these things are what memories are made of. Some of them are as simple as kitchen fun and tea parties or as elaborate and a marathon of activities. The simple ones take almost no planning but to have the supplies in the house. Easy! Then do it. While doing these things I try to keep in mind that there are days to cook cookies from scratch and there are days for the mix, both make memories both feed the spirit. Sometimes it is hard to prioritize making cookies (or your equivalent) but when I do my day is always improved.

The marathons of activities usually focused on a single topic – takes creative planning which I find joy in. I think of funny amazing things to entertain my kids. This time on my own appreciating the uniqueness of my children, their interest, and what may challenge them and help them grow as people. Have built obstetrical courses and scavenger hunts. the older they get the more fun it is. The next one will co insides with the Olympics… (postponed) They have no idea about the events I have plans, competitive and funny. The time I take to plan it, sharing it with my spouse and including them, and crating with my spouse crates something in both my Mom space and my self space. Then when it happens the glory on their faces as they solve the puzzle is captured on my camera and will live in all our hearts.

There is work and there is life and there is you. be sure your spending time with all three.