A chance to relax.

Get !t Done

I love good drive in a client.

The energy that passion can bring a project to action is beautiful and can not be replicated.

Passion unbridled can be as dangerous as a fire unmanaged and at least as destructive.

This is why the plan, goals, Key Performance Indicators, Metrics, and reporting are so important to business success. They let you measure realized progress through constant reporting against the SMART goal. This prevents you from naturally moving the “real” goal in your mind is natural as you progress nearer the stated goal. This is an unfortunate mental challenge many business owners must overcome where the work that has been done is not as important once done as before it was done. This challenge can increase stress and anxiety in and around work. The accountability of regular reporting gives direct indications of where work needs to happen, releasing ambiguity about what to do next and allowing those responsible to be more directed and less strained.

But… and this is a big BUT

But there is also the need for dedicated time to rest.

Space to shape your life into something you actually want to live.

When we rest our minds and engage in other unrelated activities., the impact on the project is just as palpable as the passion that initiated the project in the first place.

Your life and your projects are constantly being weighed on your scale of you. Scales only work well when properly maintained.

You set the scale with the stated goal and maintain it by resting. Both are important to consistent and progressive organic growth. Growth into a business and the life you want.

The mental space that rest provides has the power to shape and color everything. The eureka moment often happens when we look away from the problem. The relaxed brain operates on a different level. Literally, measurable brain waves and movements are directly different when readdressing a problem after rest. Test and study results show that the rested brian approaches challenges differently and will often apply more proposed solutions than the unrested life.

How to maintain the scale is unique to you, but taking time will provide these many benefits and many more. Including less burnout, better sleep, more productive work, and more creative ideas, to mention a few. There is only life and how you want to live in your day to day. Life includes work and everything- but it is balance and harmony and a synergy that needs to be created between the two.