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Success & failure both have taught me much – see what I have done!

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Living The Dream

Casie Garrett 

I love what I do working on so many meaningful and impactful projects. Some are my own and others with motivated and passionate individuals. I learn from every project I have ever worked. It is my  plan to continue to learn and grow by taking on exciting and unique chalanges.

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A few things I have done 

Here are recent projects I have worked on.

A Baby Plan 

This is a project that started with my second pregnancy, a labor of love is now available to the world. I am excited to see where this project is going to go.

The Stardust Journal 

From idea to journal in no time flat. The Stardust Journal was fast and has gotten great feedback so far. Surviving a non-profit will be an excellent resource for many.

Family and Community 

I use my skills and talents to serve the community that my family and I live and thrive In. It is often rewarding work that I enjoy very much.

Always Learning 

A bouquet of skills 

I have loved business most of my life; I have participated in many opportunities that taught me so much and allowed me to keep expanding my skills. 


I have a bachelors of science in marketing and absalutly love the chalange and impact. 


Planing is my bread and butter, and my good night’s rest – balance starts here.

Website Design and SEO 

I will help you build and learn to maintin your own webpage 


A Business identity needs to be consistan to develope trust – I can help you ther! 


Don’t worry I’m a Profesional 

Your business journey is unique! It needs to fit you, your vision, and your life.
These services can help and help fast. 

On To Action Strategic Planning 

Get !t done – Don’t louse your mind.

KDP Publication

Need help getting your book published? 

Social Media Annual Plan

Make an easy to follow the plan to focus on the things that make your business unique.

Brand Clarity Workshop

Consistency wins everytime 
be consistent – write it down.


I would rather be busy then board any day of the week.
My projects that keep me happy and have tought me so much. 


Don’t take my  word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Casie can help make the difficult business decision less difficult.



Draco Pro recently built my website and I could not be happier. I could see that my project was being handled personally and professionally and the response time was WAY above what I expected. I’m pretty sure that she spent two solid days concentrating solely on my project and then, once we had the bones in place, the rest was complete very quickly. It’s my desire to maintain the website myself and I’ve received more than enough support and information from Draco Pro to accomplish that and I know that support is just a click away if I need it.. I would highly recommend Draco Pro for any of your small business marketing needs.

Marti Thew

 little bits of interesting

Casie is a terrific person to have in your corner regarding advice on moving your business forward. On many occasions in the last several years, she has been on point and very timely with advice

Jen Goodman

VS! Studio 

Love business again!

Thoughts and Inspiration 

Business can be so much fun. I am inspired by art, innovations in the world, and the work of others.
Here are my business thoughts, advise and musings. 

Life in perspective

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